Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vintage Fantasy Art by Jeff Easley

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As you know, my website, Fantasy Art and Portraits, is focussed on the fantasy art of computer games. So you can imagine that I often run into tons of great art… but “can’t” use it. Here’s a sample from the roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons, specifically the art of Jeff Easley.

During the glory days of pre-3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons (while it was still with TSR), Easley's art was everywhere, and stood apart from everyone else with his distinctive style. Perhaps because of that distinctive style, he has had less of a place with 3rd and 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, which re-envisioned the franchise from the ground up, including its art. And not surprisingly so as art has a powerful effect on the imagination, and for a fresh take on D&D and how it was played, new art was clearly needed.

for Assassin Mountain, by Jeff Easley

for DnD, by Jeff Easley

for Dragonlance, by Jeff Easley


MrLich said...

Easley always seemed to be the visualization of D&D for me. He did so many of the covers that it just sorta 'stuck' in my head that way. Thanks for sharing these!

Simon said...

Yes, his was one of the defining looks for D&D, and it was an interesting choice for TSR to give out whole projects to an artist.
The new D&D has a more coordinated look, I think, and although there are a lot of artists, the art all falls in line with the same "look".

Thanks for visiting this blog! (^_^)

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