Sunday, February 15, 2009

Worth Visiting - The Gorgeous Fantasy Art of Donato Giancola

Hi Everyone!

As you know, my website presently showcases the fantasy art of computer games, so there's a lot of art out there that doesn't fit there at the moment. I can, however, introduce it to you on this blog.

Today, I'd like to introduce the art of Donato Giancola, who lists among his extensive credits a number of contributions to Magic: The Gathering.

Red Sonja by Donato Giancola

Mystic and Rider II by Donato Giancola

The Museum by Donato Giancola

Roland by Donato Giancola

Razia, Boros Archangel by Donato Giancola


Amy said...

One of my favorites. Mr. Giancola is beyond awesome. I hadn't seen the angel with the sword before. Cool find. :)
He has some cool tutorials on his website, also. That kind of talent and skill just amazes me.

Simon said...

Hi Amy,
The angel with the sword was for the eMagic: the Gathering card game, where the flaming sword was integral to the character concept. You may see the card here:,_Boros_Archangel

steventill said...

Awesome detail in these illustrations. Impressive.

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