Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WASP 19 - Bone Armour - The Fantasy Art of Titan Quest

Wednesday Art Showcase Presents - The Fantasy Art of Titan Quest

Both models are wearing the Bone Armour ensemble and have had skins applied from the AllSkins mod. The male model carries a pair of Kinslays, the female model is wielding a Head Hunter's Axe and carrying the Scale of the Black Dragon.

f Bone Armour, Scale of the Black Dragon, Head Hunter's Axe

m Bone Armour, paired Kinslays

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Fantasy Art and Portraits: Because Art Lovers shouldn't have to play games to enjoy great art.


Linda said...

The detail never fails to amaze me.

wikiplugs said...

is there any better rating option above WOW!...? I will vote on that button.

Simon said...

The crazy thing about Titan Quest is, despite the incredible eye candy and excellent gameplay, the company went bust:

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