Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Worth Visiting - The Fantasy Art of Linda Bergkvist

Hi Everyone!

As you know, my website Fantasy Art and Portraits presently showcases the fantasy art of computer games, so there's a lot of art out there that doesn't fit there at the moment. I can, however, introduce it to you on this blog.

Today, I'd like to introduce the art of Linda Bergkvist. While this Swedish artist's online galleries (on Epilogue and DeviantART) do not appear to be recently or frequently updated, she can count among her somewhat recent credits working on the "Golden Compass" movie as a conceptual artist. In January 2008, she cited on her website furiae that she was working on masks -- and it's definitely worth a look.

as the crows sing by Furiae

gone by furiae

glimpse of summer by furiae


Amy said...

I LOVE Linda's art... masks and paintings. She is one of my favorites!! Thanks. :)

Debbie said...

I love this artwork too. It conjures up all kinds of things and sparks your imagination.

Shea said...

I like the lady on the horse, be cool if she did some Zenna type stuff

Linda said...

I like the horse too, but the mood in the center pic is awesome.

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