Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Creepy Fairies - The Fantasy Art of Jason Jacenko

Hi Everyone!

As you know, my website Fantasy Art and Portraits presently showcases the fantasy art of computer games, so there's a lot of art out there that doesn't fit there at the moment. I can, however, introduce it to you on this blog.

Since I've shown an excess of cutesy fairies, to balance things out a bit I'd like to introduce today Jason Jacenko, whose artwork includes creepy fairy-ish critters, small sculptures, and tattoos. He has an extensive gallery at DeviantART and there's a 2007 interview. His website has a working front page, but I got Server Errors when accessing various portions of it.

Voices  by Jason Jacenko

Free, by Jason Jacenko

Birdy by Jason Jacenko

Hookapillar by Jason Jacenko

Deviled Egg by Jason Jacenko

Chupacabra by Jason Jacenko
This sculpture is called, "Chupacabra".

Camper by Jason Jacenko


Amy said...

Those are wild!

Gardens Of Utopia said...

Wow these are amazing!!

The Fantasy Art Blog said...

Thanks Amy! Thanks Janis!

BTW Janis, I checked out your http://www.gardensofutopia.com/ and clicked on "Tell Oprah..." but it didn't give me a confirmation. Not sure if it did anything.
If you do land on Oprah, be sure to tell me!

Linda said...

Amazing how we all view our world so differently. Liked these.

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