Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WASP 8 - Champions on Mounts - The Fantasy Art of Heroes V

Wednesday Art Showcase Presents - The Fantasy Art of Heroes V

Today's showcase presents the in-game models for heroes in Heroes of Might and Magic V. In general, the heroes in Heroes V are differentiated only by portraits--males and females of a particular faction use the same model. Plot critical characters like Queen Isabel, however, have their own unique models, essentially adapted from the faction model but with sufficient changes here and there to make it look fresh and different.

cropped_Barbariancropped_Demon Lord




Here are some points of interest you may have missed at first glance:
  • Barbarian: The horns on the ox point backward.
  • Demon Lord: The left arm has a forearm piece that. In the in-game movies, it has been observed to emit fire or some sort of red energy.
  • Necromancer: There's a cracked brass bell as part of the necromancer's equipment. Why?
  • Ranger: The unicorn is war-painted.
  • Runemage: The mammoth's tusks are mounted with blades.
  • Wizard: The elephant has two sets of tusks.

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