Monday, December 29, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Update - boyofbow's weblog

As part of the Kreativ Blogger Award, I am allowed to nominate six blogs that I feel are worth your time visiting.
I haven't named all six yet, as I wanted to be careful with my selection, and as some very good blogs I know of have already received this award.

Today, I'd like to nominate boyofbow's weblog: For beautiful pictures everyday (both photography and artwork), without the chatter. If you're not into reading and following links, Alistair Philips's simple format of thumbnails lets you quickly decide if you want to see a particular piece in greater detail.

Have a look today!


Anonymous said...

Thank You very much Alistair

Anonymous said...

I second your nomination whole-heartedly!!

Simon said...

I'm glad you approve, Amy! You're very active in fantasy art and your stamp of approval confirms I've made a great choice. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

To help navigation around site and to Artists I am adding navigation stamps which work (I hope) Alistair

Boyofbow said...

If you wish to comment outside of site please Email Alistair

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