Friday, November 28, 2008

Worth Visiting - The Fantasy Art of Janet Chui

Hi Everyone!

As you know, my website Fantasy Art and Portraits presently showcases the fantasy art of computer games, so there's a lot of art out there that doesn't fit there at the moment. I can, however, introduce it to you on this blog.

Today, I'd like to introduce the fantasy art of Janet Chui. Her artwork spans a variety of media and subjects, of which a small selection is available here. She provides links to her portfolio elsewhere on the net, such as the larger and well-respected galleries like Epilogue.

The Doll Collector




Amy said...

Love the watercolors! I'll be chacking out her galleries.

Zian said...

Nice form and technique! It lends itself to the more dreamlike qualities of story telling - similar to a narrative style.
Thumb up.

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