Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WASP #4 - The Fantasy Art of Heroes V

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Wednesday Art Showcase Presents - The Fantasy Art of Heroes V

Ever since Tolkien (was there fantasy before Tolkien?), orcs have been a mainstay of fantasy as a generic and conveniently not-human-enough adversary. Their biology has been variously cast as fallen elves, pig-men, and even a fungal lifeform that sprouts from spores (WH40K).

Today's fantasy art showcases Orcs from Heroes of Might and Magic, where they are cast as backward and exploited half-human half-demon barbarians, with a basic sense of honour and spirituality. The half-human and unpredictable demon angle lets them be mirrored strongly off the Heroes 5 demon units, and yet retain a lot of variation and individuality. On the surface, the wide variation may seem to make the overall Stronghold faction a mishmash, but I think if you compare them with demons' Inferno faction, you'll see a "method to the madness".

Stronghold Warrior

Stronghold Shaman

Stronghold Slayer


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ming said...

just dropping in to say that I think you have a cool blog ( i know ultrageneric right ) but I mean it, and i'm sure to click a linke whenever I catch it on twitter, keep it up!

Simon said...

Hi Ming,

Thank you for your kind comment!
Just to let you (and everyone) know, I have decided to move the link posts on Twitter to @Art_Links. This way, I can keep my @Fantasy_Art tweets more about conversations with people, and twitterers who are looking solely for art links can follow or just look up the profile of @Art_Links.
I have also added autoposts of some art sites to @Art_Links, such as @CdaArtsConnect and the ArtistADay website.

Thank you for checking out my blog!

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