Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Fantasy Art of Final Fantasy XII

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As you know, my website, Fantasy Art and Portraits, is focussed on the fantasy art of computer games. So you can imagine that I often run into tons of great art… but “can’t” use it. Here’s a sample from the PS3 (gaming console) roleplaying game, Final Fantasy XII.

Final Fantasy XII is a gorgeous game which you'll probably never see unless you're into console gaming.

Pay attention to the clothes, which have excellent and beautiful detail, not just in patterns and decorations, but in the natural-looking way that baggy clothing bends and folds, and how light and shadow falls on them.

Also have a closer look at the adversaries, like this serpent:

Serpent B readies Tail Spear

While the rest of the game looks quite tame fantasy-wise, the adversaries have a very alien touch to them, like the four-eyed flippered snake (above). Want more? Here's another link of excellent screenshots (too bad you can't click for a bigger picture, though).

(For all of you out there just looking for babes (-_^) try Top 5 Attractive Final Fantasy Females.)

Final Fantasy XII 1

Final Fantasy XII 2

Final Fantasy XII 3

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