Thursday, November 27, 2008

Does more sex sell more?

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We all know that in advertising, sex sells. But does more sex in the same product sell more?

Since God-knows-when, "fan service" has been a mainstay of computer games. Often this is just unreasonably big and perfect breasts and a lot of naked thigh.

Here are three pictures of witches from the Dungeon faction (no, not *that* kind of dungeon... well, maybe) in Heroes of Might and Magic V (never mind the awesome hair for now). In Heroes V, you have "basic" units and "upgraded" superior units, and the Tribes of the East expansion offered a second upgrade of the basic unit. Visually, upgraded units are supposed to look "cooler".

That these witch models are erotic is not entirely unexpected. But what Tribes of the East introduced... you'd think that they already offered enough fan service. To make a "bedroom Barbie" model seems over the top. And, apparently because that was still not enough (or not clear enough to their teen+ audience), they really piled it on with the flavour text.

Dungeon Shadow Witch

Dungeon Shadow Matriarch

H5-TotE dungeon fan service

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Linda said...

Good question. At first glance I purposely didn't look at specifics and just tried to record my mood reaction. It is interesting because how I felt did change, although I can't tell why. Then I looked carefully. Wow. I don't know if it sells more, but it does change your subliminal response.

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