Monday, January 12, 2009

Sold Out - The Fairy Sculptures of Rosa M. Gruesco

Hi Everyone!

As you know, my website Fantasy Art and Portraits presently showcases the fantasy art of computer games, so there's a lot of art out there that doesn't fit there at the moment. I can, however, introduce it to you on this blog.

Today, I'd like to introduce the fairy sculptures of Rosa M. Gruesco. Although she is on DeviantART, her website offers many closeups of her miniature sculptures. You can also follow her Spanish blog where new sculptures are announced and the process involved in each model discussed in brief (Google translation into English).

Getting hold of one of her sculptures is actually very challenging as they are typically all sold out. She recommends being on her mailing list to be notified immediately when a doll is available for purchase (you can sign up on her site). If you're too late, you can occasionally get some postcards.





If you particularly like small sculptures, you may also want to check out is Rachel Ross.


Amy said...

These are so lovely. I like that each has different facial features. They certainly have that mystical fae quality.

Lola said...

Those are beautiful!! I love fairies and mythic creatures.. Especially naked sensual mythic creatures!! :)

Linda said...

Awesome, so delicate and tender. I like the use of colors to blend into the backgrounds. Very nice. Lola... tsk tsk.

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