Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Online gambling starting to look more like casual games

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You may know that I do play quite a few casual games, such as the many hidden object games available from Big Fish Games. I have also had some curiosity in playing casual online games (though not yet online gambling, such as online bingo games), typically the ones involving building empires.
Typically, however, online games involve a lot of player-versus-player competitive multiplayer action, and that has turned me off (CastleVille, still presently in beta, has a lot of potential, however, and is one of the few fantasy games / fantasy art themed games that are NOT competitive).

While I wasn't really looking in that direction, online gambling has also taken advantage of improved internet connection speeds and improved graphics to pretty up slot machines and automated bingo games that normally look pretty primitive even if you went to a casino to play them. The graphics in a standing slot machine or other game machine at the casino is pricey to change, so you can't really expect crisp, sharp, artwork to engage you.

Online gambling, however, can combine the cheap but attractive artwork available through home computing with traditional gameplay. For example, check out online bingo games like "Bring Home the Bacon" and "Living Large" and you will see the sharp, colourful, engaging, cartoony artwork reminiscent of such casual games as Cake Mania or Tradewinds.

Can even more advanced graphics -- and possibly a story-driven experience -- be far behind? After all, they converted match-3 games into Puzzle Quest.

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poker tips said...

I've been starting to notice that as well. Online gambling sites have definitely rooted themselves into society. One thing's for sure, it beats having to travel to a casino.

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