Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hot Guys in Fantasy Art - Exotica by Flondo

Fantasy Beefcake Has Arrived
As you may know, late last year we reviewed Exotique 5, the latest in their "best in CG characters" series. If you thought the latter had just one too many babes (as fantasy art collections almost invariably are), and your inner amazon longed for something meatier in the other gender, the talented Flondo (Frederick London) has published Exotica.
The cover more than says it all in terms of what to expect. It weighs in at 40 pages, comes in softcover or two styles of hardcover. Search/image tags include "naked" and "sword".
The artist has been picky about having his work splashed all over the internet (and I expect I'll be poo-pooed for filching the cover off the book's web page), so unfortunately we shan't be promoting it more than this blog post and premium webspace on our blog. However! -- There is more than enough to see at the book's web page, and I urge you to check out the wide range of genres and costumes presented in Exotica. Some points to ponder in the preview:
  • On page 3 (so soon!) gives us hope that it'll be an equal opportunity book not dominated by bronzed caucasians who look like too-beautiful Spartans.
  • Page 7 has a curious man/child juxtaposition that challenges our first impressions of someone with a lightly bearded "Brad Pitt" and seductive eyes.
  • Page 15 wears a corset, traditionally the province of dominatrixes with cleavage to accentuate.
(If you don't want a premium coffee table book, you can also get Flondo's artwork on an array of Zazzle merchandise as well.)

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