Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Fantasy Art of Giovanni Nakpil

Giovanni Nakpil grew up in the Philippines being greatly influenced by sci-fi, horror and anime. He moved to Canada with his family in his teens and studied Computer Graphics at Seneca College where he began his interest in all things CG. Giovanni currently works for Industrial Light & Magic as a digital artist, creating creatures for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean 2, War of the Worlds and The Spiderwick Chronicles. His most recent work can be seen in Star Trek in which he was the creature model supervisor.

CobraFish - Giovanni Nakpil

The Giant - Giovanni Nakpil


Giovanni Nakpil shares his skills and insights about sculpting in d'artiste Character Modelling 3 "... by conceiving a creature in clay, and then taking it through the process of modeling the forms, refining the topology, to the final steps of rendering and presentation."

For anyone particularly interested in the nitty-gritty of 3D modelling, Ballistic Publishing has an interesting offer for the first 500 customers: "Ballistic Publishing are pushing the educational possibilities for 3D artists even further with d'artiste Character Modelling 3 by making two of the featured tutorial characters available as downloadable high-resolution models. What better way to understand the 3D modeling process than by looking closely at the final meshes of these renowned character modelers? The first 500 customers who pre-order d’artiste Character Modeling 3 slipcase edition and all Limited Edition customers will receive a download link allowing them to start exploring the models in the book. The featured models are Giovanni Nakpil’s quadruped creature, and Cesar Dacol Jr’s Pond Guardian creature."

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Very realistic and super creepy! ;)

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