Saturday, May 30, 2009

Worth Visiting - Wacom Community Artist Gallery

The way to the Wacom Community Artist Gallery isn't particularly obvious from the international home page, and especially if you're in North America and clicked on that region. Regardless of where you are, it's definitely worth the side trip for the stunning artwork and exposure to Asian artists.

The [Wacom Community Artist Gallery] features works selected by Wacom staff from contests, professional artists, etc. for their variety, artistry, and for their demonstration of the abilities of Wacom pen tablets (though this is not a requirement). Due to overwhelming response, we can no longer handle direct requests for listing in popular categories of the Artist Gallery. Please post your artwork in the Community Gallery. Excellent work will be selected from time to time to be moved to the Artist Gallery.

Also neat to play around with this page on the Wacom main site: "Leonardo da Vinci encouraged his students to start at old neglected walls..."

Wacom Community Artist Gallery snapshot

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