Friday, October 17, 2008

Titan Quest - Freeing the Camera

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Hi Everyone!

I played around more with releasing the camera constraints on Titan Quest to take a few fantasy art shots of Titan Quest's pseudo-Eqypt for my friend Mercedes Jones (who's into bellydancing). While the art is beautiful, I think non-gamers will be profoundly disappointed.

Titan Quest made certain camera constraints for many reasons, not the least being what was practical for a game, and what wouldn't cripple game performance due to higher processing requirements. Once these camera constraints are released, the "shortcuts" taken in environment design become painfully obvious. There is no roof or sky ever displayed, for example. Go to my Titan Quest gallery page for more of a discussion and some images that show you what you weren't meant to see.

To get a mod that releases camera constraints (and also includes a document on how to do it yourself), try this link. Freeing the camera lets you take nice close-ups, showing some of the fine detail on the items in the game -- Like the green leaves on the wreath in this shot: (click for full-size picture)

In-Game Close-up Bust Shot

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